Childish Gambino’s sophomore album ‘Because The Internet’ has been around for a few days now in various forms, but it’s official release date is today (December 9), and it has nonetheless required a little bit more processing on account of it’s unconventional format.  The album forms part of a screenplay, parts of which Glover has been acting out in various ways over the past year.  The screenplay picks up where the first album left off: Childish Gambino (‘The Boy’) gets off the bus home from summer camp to be met by his father, Rick Ross (obviously).  The story follows ‘The Boy’s exploits as he becomes disillusioned with his rich-kid lifestyle (a la ‘Super Rich Kids’ by Frank Ocean).  Childish Gambino must be congratulated for pulling off such an ambitious artistic endeavour.  Largely, the project is a success: the album complements the screenplay brilliantly, and also stands up in it’s own right to a large extent.  However, as a collection of songs alone it’d be a struggle (personally) to consider this better than ‘Camp’ or ‘Royalty’, but that really is a matter of taste.  Head to for the interactive screenplay, iTunes for the download, or stream below courtesy of Spotify.

  • Dec 12
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